Palatin Impression

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“Create your event”!

We dared what no event organizer dared before. Our team from Palatin Concept got a difficult task and what they delivered was an example of what is possible if you really want it. Their task was to create a cooking-event for 150 participants. The result was a team-building event never seen before. And this is what happened:

First of all the participants were split up in 10 different teams. Every team had its own special assignment. Not only they had to create the buffets in less than 3 hours but they had to arrange seating, decoration and supply their colleagues with aperitifs and appetizers. Inside a time limit every team had to reach their interim goals like completing the fish dish for the buffet. Of course they weren´t alone. Every team had a supervisor who consulted and supported them. The target of “Create your event” was to prepare the event together and to celebrate the success as a team. The great atmosphere, the thundering applause and the cheerful feedback of the promoter speak for themselves.

Stage event!

Unsere Mitarbeiter präsentieren unter Feuerwerk festlich gedeckte Tafelnbest-western-plus-palatin-buehne-beispiel


Imagine coming into your scheduled events room – and nothing is ready. Tables aren’t set, the equipment hasn’t been prepared, and the organizers apologize over and over again for their mistakes and poor planning. A catastrophe! But suddenly, there’s fireworks, a drum roll begins, the curtains draw back and there – not in the hall but on the stage – our staff is standing at attention, the tables decorated and ready. What a remarkable effect that would have!

An astonishing turn of events your guests will most certainly never forget!


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